Our professional technicians pay great attention to all the little details always striving to provide you with a beautiful spray tan. Our clients love LYST | Mobile Spray Tanning, because it not only provides a healthy alternative to achieve a gorgeous natural looking tan, but it’s customized to guarantee satisfaction and done in the comfort of your OWN LOCATION for that ultimate convenience!

Don’t conform yourself to getting a tan that is dangerous, inconvenient, or unsatisfying and “Love Your Spray Tan” instead! We can bring a beautiful healthy tan to you, so, give us a call and treat yourself to a gorgeous tan you can feel guilt free about and that’ll make you love the skin you’re ┬áin!


Avoid the damaging effects of UV rays from the beach or tanning beds.

Options for fast development is great for those tight schedules or last minute tans.

pH balance the skin before sunless products are applied to help insure DHA penetrates and absorbs more effectively.


Contact us to schedule your appointment. It’s fast and easy!

We go to your place of work, home or hotel. The session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes.

We leave and you relax. Your tan will develop in no time.



Natural Glow Tan | Full Body

includes pH Pre-Spray

Develops a beautiful natural tan within 5-6 hours


Fast Developing Tan | Full Body

includes pH Pre-Spray

Develops a beautiful natural tan within 1-3 hours


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You must obtain parental consent if you are under the age of 18.
If pregnant first consult with primary physician before using service.