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Avoid Touching

Try to avoid touching your skin with your hands or rubbing your feet as it can cause you to stain your hands/feet and possibly make the tan uneven. To remove any unwanted stains you can use a little lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon onto the stained skin and scrub it off using a hand towel, loofah, body brush, or pedicure foot file.


Immediately after tanning while your tan is drying, do not bend your elbows, cross your legs, bend your knees or look straight down as it can smear your tan. Avoid doing anything that will make you sweat after getting spray tanned as it could make your tan run causing an uneven tan or making you have to shower before your tan has fully developed. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing and flip flops/sandals after drying.


After your tan has fully developed (typically between 2-6 hours depending on how dark you want your tan) and you have taken your first shower after tanning, begin applying lotion all over your body. The more often you moisturize the better and the longer your tan will last. Moisturizers with Alpha Hydroxy Acids should be avoided since they are used to increase exfoliation and can fade your tan faster.

Hot Showers

Hot Showers

Try to avoid long hot showers and baths as they can make your tan fade faster. Don’t exfoliate or rub your tan in the shower until you are getting ready for your next tan and want to remove the remainder of the tan.

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Don’t Get It Wet

Avoid getting your tan wet before you are ready for your first after tan shower. Getting it wet can result in an uneven tan or having to shower before your tan has fully developed.

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Pool & Jacuzzi

Chlorine in a pool or jacuzzi can also cause the tan to fade. If you are going to get in we recommend getting in for few minutes at a time.


Removing Your Tan

When your tan is at its end and you want to remove any leftovers, we recommend that you first take a warm bath to soften your skin and make it easier to scrub off. Use a body scrub with a loofah or hand towel and scrub your body thoroughly. This will help to remove what’s left of the tan and get your skin ready for your next one.